Located on the Jim Engh golf course and nestled on a 210-acre masterpiece, the only true year round resort in Snowmass Village, the finely appointed vacation homes of the Residences at Snowmass Club feature breathtaking views of the Snowmass Ski Area and the Elk Mountain Range.

The Residences at Snowmass Club offer its owners the epitome of alpine indulgence. All the services of an upscale hotel are combined with the amenities and privileges of an exclusive country club, and rolled into one incredible opportunity in Snowmass for a fraction of the cost of whole ownership.

The Residences are sold in 1/7th or 1/8th Ownership as deeded fractional interests that can be sold, placed in an estate, rented or exchanged within our Reciprocity Program. Owners enjoy 40 remodeled and beautifully appointed 2 to 5 Bedroom Residences.

Within the Residences, Membership and access to the Snowmass Club Amenities are included in the price and Golf is only a cart fee for access.

  • Ownership Usage
    • Each Owner receives (2) Planned Weeks of Usage in the Winter, and (2) Planed Weeks of Usage in the Summer. These Weeks are selected (6) months prior to the Start of Each Season. After these weeks are allocated, Owners also have access to Space Available Weeks within each Season. One Space available week may be reserved (5) months in advance and after the Planned Weeks are confirmed. In addition, Space Available Weeks may also be selected within (16) days and prior to the start of a given week desired. In addition, Owners also have access to any available weeks within the Shoulder Season’s or Off Season time periods of a given year depending upon availability.

  • Week Allocations
    • Weeks are selected based upon a Rotational Calendar. When buying Fractional Ownership, Owners purchase a Deed to a specific Residence but enjoy access to all Residences within the Size purchased. More importantly, Owners purchase a Rotational Letter for their interval interest. This letter, (A-G or A-H) for 1/7th or 1/8th ownership, falls within different positions from Year to Year and Season to Season within the Reservation Calendars, and dependent upon where the letter falls, determines the likelihood of receiving certain weeks within the Year/Seasons. As an example, there would be no way to guarantee Christmas or Spring Break each year. However, the more flexible Owners are, the more beneficial the program works over the years.

      In addition, Owners may rent any of their (4) Planned Weeks: (2) Winter & (2) Summer but are not allowed to rent Space Available or Off Season Weeks. There is a commission charged, and the owner is responsible for the housekeeping fee and renters unaccompanied guest fee. All other proceeds are Net to the Owner.
  • Ownership Breakdown
    • Phase I PRC: (1/7TH Interest)

      14 Two-Bedroom Residences
      1,439 – 1,929 SQ. FT
      16 Three-Bedroom Residences
      1,861 – 2,177 SQ. FT

      Phase II Sanctuary: (1/8TH Interest)

      1 Three-Bedroom Residences
      2,130 – 2,165 SQ. FT
      6 Four-Bedroom Residences
      2,366 – 2,454 SQ. FT
      2 Five-Bedroom Residences
      3,270 – 3,472 SQ. FT

  • Cost of Ownership
    • Phase I

      Two Bedrooms
      Three Bedrooms

      Phase II

      Three Bedrooms
      Four Bedrooms
      Five Bedrooms

      Please call Erik Cavarra for current pricing: 970 923 0817

      (We are currently sold out as a Developer and only Re-Sales are available)

  • Expenses
    • Homeowners Association Dues 2017/2018

      Phase I Two-bedroom $2,908
      Phase I Three-bedroom $3,578
      Phase II Three-bedroom $3,681
      Phase II Four-bedroom $4117
      Phase II Five-bedroom $6,047
      (Amounts are Per Quarter)

      Housekeeping Fees Per Week

      Phase I Two-bedroom $351
      Phase I Three-bedroom $451
      Phase II Three-bedroom $432
      Phase II Four-bedroom $507
      Phase II Five-bedroom $592

      Taxes, insurance, cost of membership, reserve funds and other fees are all contained within the HOA Dues. Owners only pay an additional housekeeping fee per week during their stay.

      For more information, please Contact US today.

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